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The Solution: Smart Hearing Protection

For adults suffering from ANS, whatever their underlying diagnosis might be, there exists a new class of hearing protective devices (HPDs) created for musicians and music lovers. Unlike traditional foam or silicone ear plugs that are designed to block as much sound as possible, the new musician ear plugs (also called Natural Sound ear plugs) feature acoustic filters designed to reduce the volume without distorting the sound. With traditional foam ear plugs, most of the higher frequencies are blocked while the lower frequencies are let through into the ear. As a result, what you hear while wearing foam ear plugs is a very muffled soundscape, making it very difficult to understand spoken words and making music totally unsatisfying. Over the past five years, a wealth of new acoustic filtered ear plugs have come into the hearing protection market. These products are made for all kinds of specific activities, so those with ANS can now reenter the world, protected from the painful noises they could only stay away from in the past, and now enjoy concerts, sporting events, even church services where the music often is too loud for them without some kind of hearing protection in place. The good news is that these products are inexpensive enough that everyone can afford them.

For children who suffer from ANS, it falls to their parents, it falls to you to first determine if the behaviors you and your teachers see in your children are caused by the noise induced pain they are suffering. We have a son who suffers from Infantile Autism and thinking back I am now sure he suffered from ANS when he was younger. Had we known then what we have since learned, we might have spared him a lot of pain by simply putting on a pair of hearing protection ear muffs. We finally did give him some ear muffs to wear when he was about 10 and he loved to wear them. They seemed to make him happy and much calmer, less hyperactive and volatile.

Today, one of our biggest markets for child ear muffs is composed of elementary schools. Special Education teachers, especially, order child ear muffs for their students, telling us how much the kids love to wear them and how much better behaved they are, as well as how much happier they seem to be while wearing their “earphones” as many call them. But too few kids are getting access to this decidedly low-tech solution for ANS and we want to help by first, calling attention to this condition that too often goes undiagnosed, and then providing our own inexpensive brand of child ear muffs, we call MyTMuffs, to schools and needy families at no charge. Beginning August 1, 2014, we will provide one MyTMuff to a school or family that qualifies, for each MyTMuff we sell at our regular retail price. By simply buying a MyTMuff for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbor’s or friend’s child, you can help us Share the Relief with another child.

Noise relief is not just for those with ANS. We have sold tens of thousands of child ear muffs over the past several years, and most have gone to parents who just want to get back out there after having children. By providing ear muffs for their babies, they can safely enjoy even extremely loud venues including major sporting events, auto racing and more. These parents are rapidly becoming the norm by protecting their babies and toddlers from noisy venues. Look around the next time you see a crowd at a noisy event. You are likely to see babies with ear muffs on. Toddlers love their ear muffs, and their parents can attend more noisy events with their children, knowing their little ears are protected.

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